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Introducing Supacaz, the Choice of 3x World Champion Peter Sagan

SUPACAZ, customize your ride California Style!

The 3x World Champion, Peter Sagan, sure has good taste.  Supacaz is a California based company that produces some of the most awesome ways to customize your bicycle.  From Bar Tape, to top caps, bar ends and bottle cages, your bike will look super fly with SUPACAZ.

Super Sticky Kush is the bar tape of choice for 3x World Champion Peter Sagan. Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the only bar tape worth dreaming about. We boldly claim that Super Sticky Kush is the best bar tape ever. The original multi-color bar tape is a Supacaz classic.

The premier bar plugs in the pro peloton scream style. Color match or contrast to get your ideal look. Star Plugz are the clear choice for the discerning rider.  Make sure you get the top cap to match!

An absolute masterpiece, this cage screams style. The Fly Cage’s clean lines and laser etched design really stand out. No cage outperforms the Fly Cage Ano with it’s lock tight yet accessible wings. Available in carbon and aluminum versions and all sorts of colors.

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