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Galeo Ride

Galeo Ride
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MOTION-SENSING ALERTS: Galeo Ride’s built-in accelerometer sends an alert to your phone the moment it senses motion or vibration.

GPS, 4G LTE (SIM included): Galeo Ride’s LTE-enabled GPS means you can track down your bike from any distance. The device comes with a built-in SIM already installed. Galeo Ride is available for purchase and activation in the U.S. only.

REMOTE-ACTIVATED AUDIBLE ALARM: Activate Galeo Ride’s 90dB audible alarm right from your phone to scare away would-be thieves.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Galeo Ride’s battery will last 2-3 months with normal use, and can be recharged with the included 6-foot USB-C charging cable.

PROJECT 529 SHIELD: Galeo Ride comes complete with a Project 529 serial number shield. Register at the 529 Garage, and if your bike is recovered by the police, they’ll know who to return it to.

TAMPER RESISTANT: Attach Galeo Ride to your bike with tamper-resistant bolts that give you enough time to respond before a thief has time to disable it.

WATER RESISTANT: Galeo Ride is resistant to rain, snow, splash, and momentary submersion.

MADE IN THE USA: Galeo products are designed, manufactured, and supported in North Dakota, USA. The engineers behind Galeo are well-versed in the development of ruggedized electronics for agriculture and aviation, making Galeo Ride the most robust bike theft prevention and recovery tracker in the industry.

Having a data plan is optional. Without a data plan, Galeo must be in Bluetooth range to configure the device, send alerts, and sound the alarm from your phone. A data plan is required for cellular location and alert services. (Galeo is available for purchase and activation in the U.S. only.)

Plan options are:

Monthly: $1.99

Annual: $19.99

3-Year: $49.99

The data plan is selected and purchased in the Galeo app.