Tuesday Nights:  Liv Ladies Ride

The holidays are upon us. We do not want to lose our cycling motivation now. However traffic is insane during this time between distracted drivers and extra traffic. To stay motivated our USA cycling level 1 coach jewlz Julie McKenzie has written Us an eight week program 2 news on the bicycle trainers. 

Every Tuesday we will meet up at the bike shop at 6:30 pm and hook our bikes up to trainers and execute this workout by 7 pm! If you don't have a trainer you can rent one from us for $10 and or get a 15% discount on a new one of your very own!

*DISCLAIMER: You are advised that you ride at your own risk. Organizers, proponents and participants of this ride claim no liability or responsibility for the actions of individuals participating in this ride, nor of individuals on foot or in motorized vehicles. Participants are responsible for their own safety and behavior in relation to other participants, drivers of vehicles, and the law. Bicycling is a hazardous sport and is a means of transport undertaken at your own risk. Please wear a helmet, obey all traffic signals and please do not wear earphones for our group safety. Participating in this ride constitutes agreement with the above terms and conditions.