Thursday Night Ride:


7:00pm - 9:30pm

Ride leaves from Kyle's Bike Shop parking lot @ 7:00pm so please be here 30 minutes early.  We have four routes which we have mapped out and do a different one each week.  This is a safe ride in which two categories of speed (A & B) for approximately 30 miles. We will stop halfway through the ride for refreshments. This is a NO DROP RIDE!

A rides are 19+ mph
B rides are 16-19 mph
C and D rides <16 mph

After the ride, we might go for some recovery food and drinks (beer). We will decide if and where before the start of the ride.

Hope you join us!

Lights and Helmets Required!

Eagle Circle

UCF Loop

Airport Loop

Kyle's Miles

*DISCLAIMER: You are advised that you ride at your own risk. Organizers, proponents and participants of this ride claim no liability or responsibility for the actions of individuals participating in this ride, nor of individuals on foot or in motorized vehicles. Participants are responsible for their own safety and behavior in relation to other participants, drivers of vehicles, and the law. Bicycling is a hazardous sport and is a means of transport undertaken at your own risk. Please wear a helmet, obey all traffic signals and please do not wear earphones for our group safety. Participating in this ride constitutes agreement with the above terms and conditions.

Basic Rules:
Bicycle traffic laws are almost the same as those for motor vehicles.  All state laws either define bicycles as vehicles or give cyclists the  rights and responsibilities of vehicle operators. Unfortunately, police do not enforce these laws, probably on the principle that only the  cyclist is likely to be injured.

Paceline Rules:
* Ride predictably; You are responsible for EVERYONE behind you
* Keep your hands on your handlebars and out of the aerobars so you have complete control of your bike
* Protect your front wheel
* Do not overlap wheels
* Pass on the left
* Clearly alert hazzards and communicate "stopping", "car back" "On your left", "Clear", etc.
 * Front riders should slowly move the paceline away from an  obstruction.  Don't assume everyone behind you will see you pointing at  that hole.