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5 Reasons to Buy Your Electric Bike From Us | Support Your Local Bike Shop!

Why Shop Locally for E-Bikes?

Amplify your ride with a brand new electric bike — we have tons of models in-stock and ready for pickup today. Skip the wait time and enjoy professional assembly and service from our experienced staff in your neighborhood. Our durable, high-quality parts and components will ensure that your power-boosted rides stay smooth and easy. Need advice about electric bikes? Our team is happy to recommend local routes, offer riding tips, and advice about the best accessories & gear for your new electric bike.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should shop locally for a new electric bike:


Large selection of bikes in-stock


Test ride a variety of top brands


High-quality, dependable bikes


Professional assembly and service


Caring and experienced staff

Safe Riding is Fun Riding

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are a fun, healthy, and safe way to explore the great outdoors and make short trips more enjoyable. With more people discovering the many joys and benefits of riding an e-bike, People For Bikes created video content to share the basics of maintaining your e-bike, handling and charging your e-bike battery, and riding safely while out on the road or trail. Whether you’re new to riding or just need a refresher, everyone can learn and benefit from this content.

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Throttle Up And Get Moving!

It's time to leave the car at home.  With the Cito E+, it's easier and faster to get around than ever before. 

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Electric Bike Lighting Systems

Make sure you’re extremely visible as you whiz past cars and other cyclists. Using bike lights is a no-brainer at night, but many lighting systems are designed to boost visibility during the day, too. Give your e-bike some extra shine with a lighting system.


Extra speed requires extra safety. Helmets should be replaced every few years or after any impact, not to mention that helmet technology improves constantly. If you’re upgrading to an electric bike, now is the perfect time to swap out your old helmet for a new one.

High-Visibility Gear

Refresh your cycling wardrobe with reflective apparel and gear that’s perfect for an e-bike cruise. Paired with a solid lighting system, reflective accessories will keep all eyes on you, even as you fly past. Shine on your e-bike day and night with quality high-vis gear.

Electric Bike Car Racks

Not all car racks are made equal. Regular hitch, trunk, and roof-mount racks are designed for analog bikes and don’t always accommodate electric bikes. Take your adventure further afield with a car rack made specifically for electric bikes.

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