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Ride Your Bike. We’re Here for You.

Your health and safety is important to us. Learn more below.

We're Open - 

Following the latest CDC guidance, we recommend customers who enter the store to wear a mask and maintain at least a 6ft distance.  Thanks, Your KBS Team!

Appointments are not necessary for sales and service but we encourage you to shop online and utilize our social distancing enhanced services.

Why We're Open

Legally Bicycle Repair Shops are considered “essential” so people can conduct essential travel and are allowed to operate, just as auto repair shops are. As long as they follow Social Distancing and consistent cleaning requirements. 

Health wise cycling is also a great way to maintain physical and mental health as long as it is practiced following social distancing guidelines. This is especially important when people are spending a larger percent of their time in active and indoors. 

Economically we have a large number of Team Members that want to and need to work. They have families to support and bills to pay. They need us to stay open as long as we can continue to serve our guests in a safe way.


Due to limited availability & in an effort to ensure our Service Department remains open to serve all customers - we are not selling parts* over-the-counter at this time.  (*Tubes, Tires, Chains, Cassettes, etc.)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Safety Actions

The safety of our employees as well as our customers is our top priority. We’ve undertaken the following safety protocols in accordance with CDC recommendations to keep our team and visitors safe. The protocols include:

  • Vigilant and frequent cleaning and disinfecting standards beyond CDC recommendations
  • We have increased the frequency and rigor of store cleaning, taking extra care to wipe down surfaces like door handles, faucets, counter-tops, keyboards, touch screens, and bicycle handlebars and grips. We are also monitoring that we are stocked with the appropriate cleaning supplies.
  • We are requiring all Team Members to wash hands frequently, avoid shaking hands with others, and practice social distancing to help them stay healthy. 
  • Team members who can work from home are. Team Members showing flu like symptoms are required to stay home. We politely ask any guests showing flu like symptoms to shop online instead of visiting the stores.

This is a dynamic situation, and we will continue to respond appropriately as new information is made available.

Keep on Riding

At this point riding a bike is still a great thing to do. We suggest you take a break from the social media, get outside, breath some fresh air, lower those stress hormones, and calm your mind. 

Be careful and be kind to each other,